Private apartments on Adriatic / Croatia  sanda in Tribunj / Dalmatina 
 Private apartments "SANDA" Tribunj
About Tribunj !  

TRIBUNJ , an old Dalmatian town. Special for its oldest fishing fleet in middle Dalmatia, and special for its clean sea (according to official records, the sea in Tribunj is most probably cleanest on the Adriatic ).

Clean sea and the rich sea flora and fauna make Tribunj an ideal place for swimming and underwater safari. At your disposal you can find several beaches and bays, the most beautiful being Sovlja . Tribunj also offers various sports and recreational possibilities, such as tennis, boccia, indoor football, yachting and diving schools...

Make sure you taste sea delicacies: fresh fish, mussels and crabs.

Parts of rich tourist offer are also traditional feasts, Tribunj and Fishermen Nights, as well as donkey races, which hope to help in preservation of this autochthon species.

The old part of Tribunj , placed on a small peninsula, was encircled with defense walls, whose ruins can still be seen. The settlement was founded in the 16th century, and proof of its rich and turbulent past are also the church of St. Nicholas from 1452, Jurjevgrad fortress, built in 1650 as a defense from the Turks, and the medieval church of Virgin Mary, east to the town.